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when will the FR site return from the war

I…. accidentally put commas in a number when selling a dragon 


it sold for 20t instead of 20k




Give me all of your Magenta Wildclaws!


no seriously if you’re selling obnoxiously pink Wildclaws, hit me up yo.

I don’t have any pink Wildclaws but let me tell you a thing here

I’m gonna make me some crazy pink Skychickens (and pink everything)

signal boost though


yoooo, I’ve got a Magenta clown/Avacado shimmer Wildclaw that I could part with B)

(via diseaseapedia)

My friend over on FR (XXN0F3AR) is trying to sell these beautiful Skydancer babies.

The first is Male. Midnight Iridescent/Gold Shimmer/Grey Basic

The second is Female. Purple Iridescent/Teal Shimmer/Black Basic.

She’s asking 90k-100k for each, although she says she’s flexible. Thanks you guys!


5K dragons doodles! I’m doing them right now

(Source: lorrainethechicken, via fr-minion)




it’s october, perfect time to draw some valentines! probably some ooc going on here but oh well

(i am incapable of drawing tidelord, i am so sorry)

I’m not even joking but I lost my shit at the Gneiss one oh my fucking god

These are all the greatest. I’m keeping these under watch for future use. Especially the gneiss and back to work ones.

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